Open Nested Loop: Why You Should ALWAYS Use Questions in Your NLP Sales Copy (the #1 “Sales” Question NEVER to Ask)

Wondering how to keep your customers engaged in your hypnotic sales copy until they’re convinced enough to whip out their wallet and buy your product? Easily? Naturally? In a simple way that shows how much you care? Simple. Use more NLP sales copy questions. Why? Because it opens up your customers subconscious mind and they NEED … Read more

Why Naturally Hypnotic NLP Marketing Phrases Work (A Simple Guide on How to Use NLP in Your Sales Copy)

  Magic Words are just that, MAGICAL… You don’t even notice when they are  used to grab your attention. Wondering WHY they work? The truth is  our society has already ANCHORED these words to a feeling of excitement for you.  Using a word that has a preconceived societal meaning and triggers an automatic physiological response (with … Read more

Advanced NLP Hypnotic Advertising Language Pattern Techniques: Set Your Prospects Emotions on Fire with Questions

How frustrated are you about your customers lack of interest in your products? How curious are you to discover how to get your customers emotionally excited about what you provide? And How much excitement would you feel rising in your body if you were to suddenly see more sales, by infusing an easy to use … Read more

ADVANCED NLP Advertising Language Pattern Techniques Made Easy: Assumptive Openings with an Embedded Command Spin

“Obviously NLP Hypnotic Sales Copy Works. Fact is Top Ad Agencies Use it to Drive Higher Sales All the Time… And Naturally, You Want to See More Sales this Month, and Beat Your Biggest Competitor, Or You Wouldn’t Be Reading This…” What are both of these powerful sentences examples of? The type of Assumptive Openings you … Read more

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