How Your Client Processes Your Sales Copy

If you have already studied NLP or conversational hypnosis you realize that you cannot master it in an instant, or in just a few short months. In fact, Master NLP practitioners and conversational hypnotists like me take YEARS of intense practice to hone their skills in order to become the most convincing person possible.  People just like you who make decisions in milliseconds.

Your goal in any sales copy is to convince someone to take action; enter their name in a capture box online, click the buy now button, hand you money at a lemonade stand; ACTION.

Have you ever wondered what causes someone to make that split second decision to hand over their money, keys, credit card, or stock portfolio?

Their subconscious mind tells them to!


Most people walk around mindlessly day in and day out making decisions based on what the laymen might think is habit. However, that is not entirely correct. People make most of their decisions on autopilot based on the repercussion of past decisions.

Consider this:

You pass a lemonade stand. Your mouth begins to water. Why?

Your subconscious mind remembers what your mouth did the last time you had deliciously tangy lemonade, didn’t it?

Now close your eyes for a moment and imagine drinking lemonade, smelling the tangy sweetness pouring down your throat.

More than likely you had the exact same response.

What about when you look at the picture below? A visual representation of lemonade

Sweet, Refreshing Lemonade

Most people will experience the same response. Increased salivation, increased thirst and will begin looking around for a solution to this most basic desire.

We refer to these as subconscious anchors and you can anchor a feeling, a taste, a smell, a touch, a sight, or a sound to YOUR PRODUCT.

Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

The more you think about it the more you realize that using NLP and conversational hypnosis in your sales copy is a sure-fire way to attract more sales.

Using NLP can incite instant action.


But before you can convince anyone to take action (the behavior of doing what you want them to do such as pay money for a product) you must BUILD RAPPORT.

In order to BUILD RAPPORT you must sneak past the giant fortress-like wall between their conscious and subconscious mind.


Between our conscious mind and our subconscious mind lay a gatekeeper, a weapon bearing son of a gun who will shoot down any sales idea at the drop of the hat if your customer feels they are being “sold”.

How do you sneak past the gatekeeper to access the 90% of the brain that your buyer actually uses to make decision processes? And convince them to buy?

You Write (or speak) Your Sales Copy Using Five Powerful Tactics

NLP Primary Representational Language, Trance Words, Magic Words, Hypnotically Magic Marketing Phrases and Nested Loops (plus another sneaky tactic which I have tossed in as bonuses at the end of this guide) are the most powerful techniques for increasing sales.

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