Top 20 Most Powerful Hypnotic Marketing Phrases and Techniques

Marketing phrases are everywhere. You simply cannot avoid them unless you live in the middle of nowhere with no access to media or store or product of any kind.

Your box of cereal is full of hypnotic marketing.

Everything you see, hear, taste, smell, and touch is anchored to your subconscious desires by marketing.

The only way to truly avoid marketing phrases is to sit atop a mountain like a zen monk completely blocking out the world around you.

So how do you easily leverage the power of trillions of dollars spent on marketing by billion dollar generating companies every year to overcome your clients’ objections?

Copying is the best form of flattery.

Listed below are the top rapport building, sales compelling, income skyrocketing marketing phrases of 2012…and Beyond.

Technique 1: Turn a Direct Order into a Question

Sign the Contract Now


Do you have a pen to sign the contract?

Technique 2: Invitation Breeds Exclusivity

You’re invited to…

Technique 3: Opening Your Customers Mind Sans Pry Bar

Would you consider…

You might agree that…

What if you were to…

Technique 4: Pandering to Group Beliefs

Many people believe…(fact  or idea you want them to believe.)

Everyone knows that…(fact or idea you want them to believe.)

When people like yourself…(face or idea you want them to believe.)

Technique 5: You and I are the SAME

If you are like me you’ll love how easily you can now _____.

Technique 6: Pandering to Your Customers Intelligence

You are probably already aware of the fact that (people who do xyz reap the reward.)

You may already be aware of the (benefit you get) when you (buy xyz widget now.)

Technique 7: Eliciting Specific Emotions…Backdoor Style

You’re going to feel amazing when (you realize how effortlessly you can profit from a small investment of just $1.00 per day.)

Technique 8: Anchoring Your Customer in the Moment by Identifying Where They are and What They are Doing Right Now

As you sit here listening to me/reading this/watching this you might (have already starting to relax knowing that your problems have been solved.)

Technique 9: Eliciting a Feeling Using the Mind

Think of how (feeling) you’ll feel when (end result generated by your product.)

Imagine how amazing you’ll feel when you discover how easily you can make 5k, 10k, or even 15k a month when you promote the Unlimited Income Generator 3000

Technique 10: Tell them what you’ve told them, and then introduce the next “logical step”

We’ve __________, and ____________, so_________________.

We’ve explained what you need, and we’ve discussed how our amazing gadget has propelled your competitor to the pinnacle of success, now you’re probably wondering how soon we can get our amazing gadget to your door.

Technique 11: Eliciting Agreement with a Question

Wouldn’t you agree that … (state your position or fact about your product.)

I just love (product benefit and how it makes them feel), don’t you?

Everyone could always use some extra money, wouldn’t you agree?

You’re interested in making an extra 5 grand this month, aren’t you?

It’s important to feel that you are receiving the best possible service at the lowest price, isn’t it?

It is REALLY fun to use these when talking face to face with friends, family, and clients and watch as they go into a trance of head nodding for minutes straight. Try it!

Technique 12: Ramping Up Word Power

There is a HUGE difference between the words Sometimes, Often, and Frequently but only in terms of the feeling of power and security they invoke. Doing something two times per week can be Sometimes, Often, or Frequent.

Would you rather see:

People who buy our widget SOMETIMES double their income

People who buy our widget OFTEN double their income

People who buy our widget FREQUENTLY double their income

(Dare we say always?)

People who buy our widget ALWAYS double their income.

Always is not the same as Sometimes, Often, and Frequently but use it WHENEVER you can get away with it and not throw up red flags.

Technique 13: Two Benefits to You

Would you rather (sign when I bring the paperwork by today) or (sign when I take you out to lunch to celebrate tomorrow)?

Technique 14: Future VS. Stagnant

Wouldn’t you rather (take one tiny step toward financial freedom now) than (remain stagnant in a life devoid of any hope.)

Technique 15: Is It in Fact a FACT?

In fact, (state your belief about your product or a negative belief about a competitor’s product.)

In fact, thousands of satisfied client love how ABC product save them over 50% on the cost of their energy bills every year.

(BRILLIANT because we have recently discovered that the subconscious mind just determines the words “In fact” as a solid, black and white, take it to the bank FACT)

Technique 16: Embedded Commands

Aww…the super naughty world of embedded commands. Every conversational hypnotic writers dream. Simply put you hide a command in a regular sentence.

The commands below are bolded and italicized.

I’m not going to say (that I am the perfect person for your job opening) because (that might be too pushy.) What I will say is (benefit to buyer.)

How to (easily start learning a new language in just 10 days)

Imagine if you could (effortlessly lose 5 lbs in ugly belly fat in just 2 weeks) without ever lifting a finger!

Technique 17: If….Then

If you find the home you want today then you can sign the papers tomorrow morning, right?

If you (get what you want) then (you will do what I need you to do to make the sale), agreed?

Technique 18: The More You The More You (another embedded command trick)

The more you exercise with Ab Thrasher 10000, the more you will see powerful results of your ribbed, hard bodied abs in the mirror.

Technique 19: Sooner…or Later? (More Embedded Commands)

Sooner or later, (you’ll realize that now is the perfect time to take advantage of our low interest financing)

Technique 20: I Know that I Know

I know that (fact). I also know that (benefit)

I know that you have a fleet of 400 trucks. I also know that you’d welcome the opportunity to decrease your company fuel costs by 50%.

Technique 21: What’s Important

It’s Not Important that you buy a car today, what is important is that we have the right car for you

Technique 22: Considering the Benefits

As you consider the benefits of (hiring one of our highly-trained graphic designers) you might like to (look at our portfolio of award winning work.)

Technique 23: Relevant Fact

Now this may not be relevant to you but (people who have used ABC Window washing every year save thousands of dollars because they have to replace their windows far less often)

Technique 24: Take it Under Advisement

I wouldn’t advise you to _______ until ____________.

I wouldn’t advise you to buy this Mercedes until you feel absolutely sure of the fact that this is the perfect car for you.

Notice all of the embedded commands in that one!

Technique 25: Experience

Experience shows that people who invest in our stock trading system reap 125% returns in 7 days or less.

Technique 26: Cause and Effect

When you decide to (buy xyz product today) you will (reap the benefit.)

Your decision to buy (xyz product) will cause you to (experience extreme relief.)

Many more powerful phrases exist to drive sales but some of my favorites are listed below. The idea behind most of the conversationally hypnotic, NLP style phrases I use come from the INDUCTION phase of actual hypnosis. They cause customers to relax, drop their guard, and listen closely.

Now, I don’t know about you…

Let me explain…

And best of all…

It’s OK not to (buy this product today)…

As you can imagine, I’ve reserved my best bag of “Top 10 Sales Copywriter in the World” techniques for clients like you who understand the value leveraging powerful expertise…

If you’d rather vault over the ‘learning curve’ like an Olympic Track Champion, simply contact me with your project details and I’ll get back to you with the ‘wait’ time, and a guaranteed flat-rate quote. 

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