Naturally Hypnotic Marketing Words



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Magic Words are just that, MAGICAL

You don’t even notice when they are  used to grab your attention.

Wondering WHY they work?

The truth is  our society has already ANCHORED these words to a feeling of excitement for you.  Using a word that has a preconceived societal meaning and triggers an automatic physiological response (with an ANCHOR) will begin to get you the results you desire almost instantly. Plus the word slides right past the barrier in their subconscious mind.

Words You Should Strive to Use in EVERY Piece of Sales Copy You Write

Free, You, Your, Announcing, Introducing, New, Secret, How to, Guarantee, Guaranteed, Magic, Magical, Easy, Suddenly, Now, Improvement, Sensational, Amazing, Phenomenal, Remarkable, Revolutionary, Startling, Miracle, Offer, Quick, Easy, Challenge, Hurry

The words listed above are the industry standard for instant-rapport, instant-excitement marketing words.

The words listed above are the industry standard for instant-rapport, instant-excitement marketing words.

You see the everywhere, which means one thing–they’re overused.

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3 thoughts on “Naturally Hypnotic Marketing Words

  1. I guess I am now not that pretty much sure about possessing a good quality of a real blogger. Blogging is the newest trend that we have and a lot of people were trying their fate on this kind of marketing which can be easy since it’s all your words that you will get to have as your key to achieve success and even generate incomes through it. But definitely it makes me wonder how to be that effective writer with a perfect usage of words to intentionally attract clients. I may sound real ridiculous but with all honesty when I read your post I was a bit confuse with my skill and wanted to gain some tips fro you dear. I hope you could provide me your time to talk about it.


    1. Hi Sarah,
      I would be more than happy to provide answers to any questions you have about blogging and copywriting. Good luck with attracting new clients! Remember to pull in clients through social media “freebies” (like free guides) in your area of expertise.
      Make Today Amazing!

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