Will Influencing Your Client or Persuading Your Client Result in Higher Sales?

To   Influence   or   To   Persuade  …THAT is the question!

Gain Instant Agreement or Build Long Term Rapport?

Influence and persuasion are two completely different things and you want BOTH in order to make repeat sales. You must PERSUADE someone to buy your product the first time but when you ANCHOR your customer to your product after building RAPPORT so that you develop LONG TERM INFLUENCE.

Long term influence allows you to cut the time you spend selling your client on your product or service, or upselling them on additional services each and every time.

Persuading someone is convincing them to take action once.

Having long-term influence over someone is persuading them to do something you want over and over and over again with little effort.

Think of it like ANCHORING your brand to the buyer.

What is your favorite type of sneakers? Nike? Reebok? Any Off-Brand?

It doesn’t take much persuading to buy your favorite brand because your subconscious mind is already ANCHORED to the feeling you experience internally when seeing, smelling, hearing about, tasting, or touching anything of that brand.

When people think of your product type (soda for example) you want them to think of you.

Famous examples of this are:

Band-Aid: Anchored so tightly to a stick-on bandage that everyone calls every type of stick on bandage a Band-Aid even when they do not buy the BRAND Band-Aid.

Kleenex: Anchored so tightly to a piece of facial tissue that everyone calls every type of facial tissue a Kleenex.

Coke: Coca Cola is anchored so tightly to dark brown sodas that people across the southern United States and in many countries refer to any type of soda as a “Coke” followed by the type of “Coke” they want; orange, Sprite, 7-Up.

Are you seeing where I am taking you here?

You want to become THE ANCHOR BRAND for your TYPE OF PRODUCT.

You can do that by continually building rapport to increase your long-term influence over your massive group of consumers.

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Diane Boerstler