Full Sales Funnel Review…Why Your Killer Sales Copy is Flailing!

Experts in their field flock to me every day to achieve HUGE conversions from their sales copy.

And I deliver. With a caveat…they must listen and heed advice.

How many times have you created KILLER sales copy only to discover that your sales barely increase?

The #1 Reason for Sales Copy Failure isn’t your sales copy…it’s your customers!

Yes, I specialize in sneaking behind the iron-curtain blocking your clients subconscious mind.

In order to do that you must know who your client is…

Pay attention because you will fail every time (especially in online marketing) if you don’t heed this crucial, sales boosting piece of advice.

Ask yourself this one question: Where is your traffic coming from?

Are you measuring your traffics origination point and flow pattern?

You may think of your traffic as a “niche-demographic” and in all honesty it is, but do you know which one?

It SHOCKS me how many businesses think that they are targeting BA educated SWF (single white females) in their mid-twenties when all of their traffic comes from executive level, Master’s Degree educated, married mom’s of three in their mid-forties.

Targeted all women, or all men, or all income groups is virtually impossible.

The same is true for targeting a tiny niche of hungry buyers who never see your website.

A word to the wise: measure your traffics origination point. Look at the key articles on that website. Read through the blog or forum to gain a better understanding of your targets pain points.

Please note that this is an exclusive offering from my Top 1% copy writing service. We nail down your target and frequently find niche demographics you never knew existed just by monitoring where your traffic originates.

If you would like to learn more please do contact me with any questions.

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  1. How can I actually find targeted users or customers for my product? This is one huge hurdle that I am facing now

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