Top 24 Responsive (FREE) Job Posting Cities for Affiliate/MLM Jobs on Craigslist

Affiliate and MLM marketers constantly approach me and ask for assistance when marketing on Craigslist.

Most are unaware that there are several free city sections in which you can post.

Aim for the sales, marketing, real estate, or customer service sections; they have the highest response by the most ambitious, money driven professionals.

Avoid terms in your title like “work from home” or “6 Figure Opportunity” because every one knows they sound spammy and look like snake oil dressed up as fancy perfume.

Try posting in the following cities with catchy headlines like “Need Money? Free Job Inside”

It is okay to go “gimmicky” or “be honest” but don’t overpromise or your click-thru rate will underdeliver.

Free Major Cities to Post on with CL (you can post to other free cities you like as well)

  1. Albany (New York) (marketing jobs)
  2. Buffalo (New York) (sales jobs)
  3. C/S/N New Jersey
  4. Charlotte (real estate jobs)
  5. Cincinnati
  6. Cleveland (real estate services section)
  7. Detroit
  8. Hawaii
  9. Indianapolis
  10. Kansas City
  11. Las Vegas
  12. Louisville
  13. Memphis
  14. Milwaukee
  15. Minneapolis
  16. Nashville
  17. New Orleans
  18. Orlando
  19. Pittsburgh
  20. Raleigh
  21. Salt Lake City
  22. San Antonio
  23. Tampa Bay
  24. Washington DC

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