Consumer Behavior: Why You Must Predict How Your Customer Behaves to Maximize Your Marketing Campaign (and Sales Copy Too!)

ImageA Quick and Easy, Down N’ Dirty Guide to Your Customers “Consumer Behavior”

Part One

What is consumer behavior?

Consumer behavior encompasses all the actions involved in selecting, purchasing, using, and disposing of goods and services. Whenever you watch a commercial on television, buy a new pair of shoes, read a book, or recycle soft drink cans, you are engaging in consumer behavior.


In a Nut Shell…

Consumer Behavior=Selecting, seeking, purchasing, using and disposing of goods and services

 Why do you need to care about consumer behavior?

Because it plays into how your customer makes the decision to…(drumroll please)…

BUY or NOT BUY your product! (you probably already knew that =)


And this decision process is influenced by a ton of powerful factors:

Your client’s psychological state and beliefs

F.Ex. Are they in “woe is me” problem solving mode and do they believe that a product exists (ahem, yours) to solve their problem?


Your customer’s sociocultural background:

F.Ex. What solution do others who were “Raised” the same way as your customer was expect to feel, be promised, receive, etc.


Your customer’s situational factors:

You know that there are VOLUMES to be written on this particular subject but these are more of the tangibles such as “time to spend learning a new product”, “money to spend on a beneficial service”, etc.


The Hidden Consideration:

Don’t think for one second that your client isn’t shopping your competition…

And don’t hesitate to go and check out their marketing to see how it “feels”


Imagine that you are your customer. I mean it! Become a secret spy, check out your competitors marketing, their media buys, they product placement and then step into your clients shoes and “explore the world of…(insert your niche product/service)


In part 2 we’ll go more in depth into consumer buying behavior to show you how vital each factor is when designing an effective marketing strategy…


Because you absolutely CANNOT design an effective marketing campaign without knowing how your customers think and how they behave…