Soap Opera Sequence Emails…Brilliant or Bust? (Imagine 48% conversions +++ or ZERO?)

What if I kept “teasing”Image you in emails…

Just like they do in soap opera’s?

“OMG and you’re not going to believe what happened last night in the Philippines. It was so horrific that it didn’t make the world news! I really shouldn’t tell you but… You know what, let me get all of the details to make sure I’m right and I’ll get back to you”

“Remember that horrific thing I told you that I wanted to share with you, well right now the government there is tracking all emails so I just can’t, but I will! In the meantime…”

Yeah, and for those of you who have never used this or seen this used before, you never really tell the story. It’s like the “Bathroom Goat Story” on How I Met Your Mother

(Hint: The goal is to get people to continually “tune-in” to your emails so that you can get your product in front of their face as the “solution” again and again and again)

Do you believe that this technique is useful in a series of emails?

How will it impact the company using the email sequence?

WELL, I’m glad you asked! Because this one simple little technique could skyrocket your sales, or alienate loyal brand followers  (ouch!)

If you are targeted a demographic under 45 with a “niche product” such as relationships, law of attraction, life-coaching, etc then this works like hot cakes. (Imagine 48% conversions… + + +)

This builds rapport for “one time niche products” or a series of products with back end upsells (affiliate products)

Should your window washing company, law firm, or ad agency use this? 

Not likely. You could scare, nay, DRIVE people away from your brand. 

(However, you COULD buy media spots around shows that do this to garner more attention for your brand…

Shows like How I Met Your Mother)

This particular “open nested loop” technique is great if you are looking to catch those who prefer to be surrounded by “drama”, otherwise closing your nested loops by ending with a discount, special offer or new “how-to” article but do it by directing them to your sales page. Don’t give your loyal brand follower the final answer in your email (unless it’s a link back to your webpage). 

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AND REMEMBER if you have any questions, comments, or just want to chime-in please feel free to do so!

There is no such thing as a dumb marketing question…only those that don’t get asked and cause brands to FLOP. 


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