Most Common Misconceptions about Coupons–NLP, Hypnotic Copy and the Pavlov Response

common misconceptions about businessLooking for an instant boost in sales?

Use a coupon. 

Here’s why.

Coupons boost sales (from virtually every type of direct response copy) by up to 50%

Before you think, “Yeah, I knew that…” there’s more.

We asked business owners why they weren’t using coupons more frequently in their marketing efforts and here’s what we learned…

Myth #1: Most business owners believe that coupons are only clipped by “poor people”.

Nothing could be further from the fact.

Here’s the truth about coupons.

According to countless reputable organizations (including the Coupon Council)…

Only 85% of customers who make less than $50k per year

Compare that to the 88% of customers who use coupons in the $50-100k/year range, and 81% of customers who make 6 figures use coupons.

Are you surprised?

Here’s another interesting fact: 86% of US customers clip coupons every week, and site it as the number one reason for their purchase, or trying a new product.

Myth #2: Only “seniors” clip coupons

Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, after doing a little research we realized that coupons are used extensively among all adult age groups.

87% by customers 25-34

89% by customers 35-44

85% by customers 45-54

90% by customers 55-64

91% by customers 65+


Here’s the strangest thing: Customers actually LOSE money on coupons. It’s true.

Think about it this way. Let’s say you issue a coupon for 50 cents. Your customer has to drive 5 miles out of the way to redeem it. They’re out all the time, gas money and effort it took to clip the coupon. They lose, and you still win because you’ve won another customer.


What’s the catch? Your coupons must be effective. Targeted. And not based on mystery…

“What” you say, “Not based on mystery?”

Sadly, all of those mystery teasers like “Bald guy discovers natural cure to weight loss and quickly grows back his hair, learn how” are GREAT for driving traffic but the conversion rate is abysmal.

What should you do?

Target, target, target. (that you knew)

And begin with a question to open up your customers mind like, “Want to keep your kids safe?”

Follow with a simple 2-3 word phrase like, “Here’s how”

Next roll in with “Get XX% off ABC Gizmo when you click here now” or “Get XX% off when you VISIT US at”

Finally, make sure to outline your coupon with a thick broken line and if possible, add a light yellow highlight behind that line.

Works every time.

Now all you have to worry about is how to boost your sales with NLP infused Hypnotic Copy. If you’re interested in learning more about how you can resonate, connect, instantly build rapport and see more sales by leveraging the power of NLP Infused Hypnotic Copy please do email me at

Until next time, happy selling!