Why You Should ALWAYS Use Questions in Your NLP Sales Copy (the #1 “Sales” Question NEVER to Ask)

job-interview-questions-and-answersWondering how to keep your customers engaged in your hypnotic sales copy until they’re convinced enough to whip out their wallet and buy your product?

Easily? Naturally? In a simple way that shows how much you care?


Use more NLP sales copy questions. Why?

Because it opens up your customers subconscious mind and they NEED to find the answer.

How does it work?

When you ask a question, you’re opening up a nested loop in their mind (a simple NLP technique), which automatically alerts the brain to begin searching for the answer. Now think about it this way.

Does your brain like to work hard?

No, so your brain (in particular your subconscious mind) will seek out the answer directly in front of you first–in your visual spectrum, and THEN add in the metaprograms from your subconscious mind.

So here’s what you do.

Ask a question.

Insert the answer in NLP Infused Conversational Hypnosis format, and add a fact to back it up. If you don’t have a fact, simply use the words “In fact” or “The fact is” or “The truth is” or “Countless studies say…”

How do you keep your customer reading? Ask another question.

If you’re seeking the highest possible conversions work on predicting all of the questions you’d need to overcome if you were explaining your product face to face–the #1 reason why CONVERSATIONAL hypnosis is so effective.

Stop and imagine for a moment that you’re facing your customer. You know they’ll have questions.

With bolstered confidence you approach them…

What will you say?

Hopefully not, “Hi I’m George and I sell ABC Widgets…” or “Can I help you with something…”

Please, don’t ever let me catch you saying that. Instead, approach the customer and say, “Hi! Have you heard about how (specific product) gets you (end result) and why it’s rated #1 in (field category)?”

Want a quick example?

Let’s say you’re selling a washing machine. You know your customers options are endless. You approach your customer and say, “Hi! Have you heard about how our WashPro 3000 Platinum Clean Machine makes your clothes feel 3x’s cleaner against your skin? And why it’s #1 rated above all other washers in it’s class?” They will shake their head “No” usually. Now we want to get them to yes.

Think about what you’d say next. You’d ask a leading question (there’s that conversational hypnosis again!).

“Can you think about all the reasons you need a new washing machine and tell me why because I want to make sure you’re getting exactly what you need…”

They’ll say, “Well George, (our clothes are dingy, our washing machine broke, we saw the neighbors have one delivered from here, etc)

If you’re a great sales person (or sales copywriter) you’ll know which question to ask next, leading them directly to your product.

What kind of questions can you ask to lead your customer to whip out their wallet and quickly buy your product?

Instead of asking, “Are you considering a specific color?”, ask them about specific colors in your brand line. “Thinking about the decor in your laundry area, do you think that black one (point), that white one (point), or that red one (point) would look better?”

Instead of asking, “How much time do you spend washing clothing each week?”, ask your customer about specific times, “Would you rather spend 10 hours doing laundry each week (gesturing to your old model). Or would you rather see your laundry cleaned in less than 5 hours each week so you can get back to the things you enjoy (gesturing to your new model).”

As you can see, using specific questions, infused with benefits and hypnotic commands will get you directly to the product you’d like to sell. Sales copy works the same way!

While we’re on the topic, here’s a beef I need to share about “sales people” and big box stores.

Considering the fact that we’re a family of five, it’s no wonder that we spend so much time in the store (plus I just like to go look at all the marketing–but that’s a story for another time).

Can you guess which question gets my goat every time?

I’ll give you a hint: It’s one of the first questions I get asked after feeling “pounced upon” by an uneducated sales rep.

Here it is…

The question you should never, ever ask if at all possible.

“How much are you looking to SPEND…”

or “What is your price range…”

First, you haven’t told me about the product.

Second, you’re selling me on my budget instead of your VALUE.

Third, and this one is the real nail in the coffin, starting with the price is TOXIC.

Want to understand why?

First we’ll look at it from a sales perspective.

Imagine your customer walking in (or seeing your sales copy), and you say, “What’s your price range…” Chances are they’ll remember the lowest possible price and that becomes a fixation in their mind. They begin to see value in “paying less” instead of seeing value in the VALUE of your product.

What’s worse? Let’s say that you don’t sell a product in their price range? You’re locked out. You didn’t get a chance to use NLP or Conversational Hypnosis. You’ve just lost your sale.

Are there ways to recoup your sale?

Yes, but that’s a whole different post better saved for another day (or this might turn into a book)

Just remember this: customers investing in your product nearly ALWAYS find a way to invest more money. Always. We’re talking 98%+++ BUT (and this is a big but) you’re price must be right compared to your value, or you must be able to inflate your value (think buying Apple versus buying PC–people defend these decisions to the death).

Now let’s look at it from the customers perspective.

When you ask about price first, they tune into price. All they begin seeing are prices. Unless you know your prices are dirt cheap, they won’t even listen to value. They’ll ask you about the lowest price product first. They’ll let you say your schpeel. They’ll be completely “un wowed” and MAY give you a second chance to upsell them–but your chances are slim. You’ve lost another customer.

The bottom line?

Don’t. Sell. On. Price. Period…

Now that you’ve reached the end of the article do you remember what it was about?

Questions. Always ask questions. Leading questions. The kind of questions that direct your customer to say yes to the product YOU want them to buy.

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