Thinking Deeper… How to locate the root of your clients deepest desire (so you can easily connect, resonate, build rapport & see more sales!)



I remember it like it was yesterday…

ice_cream_and_crime_babySitting in my first sociology class, thinking “this is just plain idiotic”, until just seconds later I was whisked into a world I’ve never let go of–the world of “think deeper”.

I was hooked. You see, what began as an ordinary college morning at a #1 institution, ended with a foray into the world of crime and ice cream, a scenario which has taught me to always “think deeper”.

What is “think deeper”?

Think deeper is about delving below the surface of your potential clients and customers surface level desires to unearth the rich jeweled temptations that allows you to sweep them from their “don’t sell me” mindset, onto your long list of “if he sells it, I want it” clients.

Let’s talk about Ice Cream and Crime, because this is how it all began.

If you’ve studied social statistics (I may as well have majored in it), you’ll often hear a funny word called “correlations”. What is a correlation? Glad you asked!

To put it at a kindergarden level, a “correlation” is when an increase in one thing causes an increase (or decrease) to occur. Don’t nod off . Pay attention! I’m just getting to the good part. 

(You’ll see how you can easily leverage this THINK DEEPER strategy to see your sales go up shortly)

What could this possibly have to do with ice cream and crime?


When ice cream sales increase, violent crime increases. When ice cream sales decrease, violent crime decreases.

Normally this type of correlation would cause an average Joe to say something silly like “Ice Cream Sales Cause Violent Crime”. We all know that’s not true.

But it begs us to “think deeper”

What is really causing the crime? And how does it relate to ice cream?

Here are a few ideas to chew on…

#1: When ice cream sales go up, more people are in public. More people filling spaces means more conflict. More conflict means more crime.

#2: When ice cream sales go up, it’s hot. When it’s hot, people become dehydrated or irritable. When people become dehydrated or irritable, they perform behaviors that they would not normally perform–violent behaviors. More violent behaviors means more crime.

#3: When ice cream sales go up, kids are out of school. Kids being out of school means more mouths to feed. More mouths to feed means that people who do not have other means may turn to crime to get money to feed their children.

Do you see where I’m going with this? You need to dig deeper.

Far deeper than “sex sells” and “putting an image of a woman on the landing page of my website increases conversions”…

If you want sales that are evergreen, you need to “dig deeper”–ask yourself why.

Here’s another example, and the reason I’m writing this post today–because I was reminded of how black and white many people see the world–and how shallow their thinking truly delves.

I was on Facebook (shocking, I know, right?) and I saw an image that said “All of the Mass Shootings in the Last 3 Decades We’re Committed By People on Psychotropic Drugs–not because people had guns” (I’m not going to weight in my opinion either way here, as that would be missing the point of this article).

Since I write volumes and oodles of sales copy in the nutruceatical/100% natural/organic world, I’ve obviously heard this statement before. But if people were to just think a little bit deeper, there are other “correlations” to be found.

#1: People who take psychotropic drugs (anti-depressants/anti-anxiety/anti-pschotic meds) are more than likely diagnosed with a mental health challenge of one sort or another–so they may already be struggling with internal demons we can’t possibly imagine–demons strong enough to cause them to plan a mass shooting before they were on pharmaceutical intervention. (Again, no political opinion here–don’t shoot the messenger =)

#2: People who committed these crimes had two additional factors. The first group was traversing through a period of great hormonal, identity and responsibility shift (Erickson would hate that we call these “teens”) which can lead to stress-triggered delusions. The second group (albeit small) were returning military veterans who were exposed to unimaginable violence.

#3: People who committed these crimes, if surveyed, were of a particular unique personality type, or shared a set of genetic markers or… You get the idea. There are millions of people on these drugs (like SSRI’s) who would never hurt a flea so it makes no sense to blame the drugs–THINK DEEPER!


If you were to examine the border of southern Michigan, eastern Ohio, and northern Kentucky you’d see a dramatic surge in liquor sales every Sunday.

At first you may try to look for obvious things like a string of sports events, a national holiday, a perfect day for barbecuing, or another reason a large group of people in 3 states might buy alcohol.

In fact, you might even try to correlate it with certain commercials running at a specific time, in conjunction with the purchase of specific brands of alcohol. And if you were a “traditional marketing agency” you’d be going about it “the right way”.

But there’s a deeper meaning to this–a real reason to THINK DEEPER, and one that would positive impact your sales if you sold liquor in one of these areas on Sunday.

INDIANA. You see, Indiana is a border state to all of those states, and Indiana is the last state in the US with a No Sales of Alcohol on Sunday law–which just fuels the fire, sending people scattering for the border every time they want to feel like a rebel, or forgot to pick up alcohol  for that sporting event/BBQ/etc. So what would you do if you were a liquor store on the border of Indiana? Advertise like a MAD HATTER in Indiana every Sunday morning, noon and night.

So I submit to you this challenge…

How can you THINK DEEPER in your business?

Do you know what your customers truly desire? Or are you stuck with the old “core needs, values and beliefs” cycle that’s been failing marketers for the last few decades.

Post what you think about your customers core desires below–and I’ll see what I can do to help you THINK DEEPER.

And remember! If you do decide to advertise after digging deeper, send them to a capture page, give them an incentive to opt-in, and make sure that you embed your pixel for your retargeting link so you get the maximum bang for your marketing buck!

Until next time remember to attract, resonate, connect, build rapport and SEE MORE SALES.