Discover the #1 Commonly Overlooked Secret to Scaling to the Top of the Search Engine Rankings… And 4 Writing Strategies that Get You Google Love

What’s the secret to crafting converting content that forces your website to the top of the search engine rankings?


top-secretMost business owners don’t know. 

I can tell you one thing–it has less and less to do with “long tail keywords” or “get lots of comments” with every rabid “animal” Google launches to knock down your website…

So why is Google (and Bing) ranking some websites above yours, when you “have all the right keywords, meta-tags, site-maps” and other miscellaneous SEO industry lingo?

Because of the LSI QUALITY OF SEMANTICS in your “content”.

What are LSI semantics?

To put it in plain-Jane language, it is how the new “smart” search engine algorithms interpret the meaning of your content–based on both your long-tail keywords and especially the words that surround your long-tail keywords.

Sounds a bit like rocket science, doesn’t it?

Here’s the bottom line.

Google (and your customers) may see your SEO or SALES content as spam.


Because it doesn’t deliver value.

In fact Google’s latest algorythym update (which effectively knocked down more than 70% of websites search engine rankings) places a lead-weight on top of websites who focus solely on selling, drowning millions of previously savvy businesses in the process.

By now you’re probably wondering…

How can you deliver unbeatable value with your website content? 

While I would love to tell you the answer is simple, it’s not. (See the 4 Steps Below)

Just like you’d hire a top sales copywriter to deliver words that sell your product like ice cream on a scorching hot summer day, you should hire an expert to handle your SEO–from top to bottom–including your SEO infused online articles and press releases.

How do you know you’re hiring the best SEO expert?

For starters…

You need to make sure they understand your long term goal–REVENUE. 

And you need to make sure they know

how to get the RIGHT BUYER TRAFFIC to your website.

Consider this, why would you bother getting more traffic, when you can’t convert that traffic to CASH-IN-HAND CUSTOMERS…

So watch out for SEO Experts who say they need to make changes to your website, unless they’re also top conversion experts (there are a few of us dual-mastery teams out there who can deliver results on a small business budget–you don’t need to hire a large ad firm to see results you can appreciate!). Or “experts” who say the need to change your sales copy to focus more on SEO than conversions–because they’re dangerous. You’re just paying them to put your business at risk.

What about if you’re currently working with an “SEO Expert”. How can you find out if they’re the “real deal” or just using copycat, old school methods that will get your website banned by Google’s next animal temper tantrum?

Well, if you’ve already retained an expert, ask them for their list of top keywords they’re ranking you for…

And if they hand you a list of the same keywords you can easily find yourself on Google’s Keywords fancy new tool–RUN.

Most people (and many experts) don’t realize that Google only shows about 30% of the ACTUAL KEYWORDS you should be using, which means you’re increasing your competition by using only the words they provide.

Why? More money for Google and Bing.

In fact, after you’ve engaged their services they should be able to provide you with a list of long-tail keywords that can be weaved into powerful LSI semantics articles–articles which will get you more love from the search engine bots. 

The truth? 

SEO Infused articles (whether they sell your product, build rapport, or position you as the go-to expert) is only one component of your entire search-engine traffic boost strategy. 

If you’d like to get to page 1 quickly, and remain there through Google’s next algorithm update, you’ll need to do more than just post SEO infused articles.

Of course want Social backlinks & High PR backlinks–all built into different “shape” and “dimension” configurations (we won’t bore you with the details)

And you’ll want to make sure that all of your meta tags and article titles and urls are search engine optimized (for more than just the top ten keywords Google says you should use)

There’s a lot more to it. In fact, SEOMOZ, one of the best SEO firms in the world for large businesses says that there are at minimum 25 major steps, and 100’s of smaller substeps you must take to get your website search engine optimized.

Unless you have time to sit around optimizing all day and keep up with constant algorithm changes you’re better off hiring an expert.

No matter what, remember this…


No website means no qualified leads or exchange of money for your products and services.

That’s why you need SEO infused copy that delivers search engine love…

So here are 4 simple strategies you can leverage when you’re crafting your articles, whether they’re designed to position you as the go-to expert, build rapport or sell your products and services.

#1 Write your SEO articles to provide an answer. Think about the questions your customers want answered before they choose a service or product like yours–this allows you to both position yourself as the go-to expert, build rapport, and close the article with sales copy so you see an increase in profit. How to articles are a common spin-off of this type of writing…

#2 Write to elicit an emotional response. When you right your articles, especially if they are on controversial subjects, make sure you’re eliciting the response you want from your potential customers–because that emotional response anchors to you, your products and your services in their reticular activating system–and becomes a key component that determines if they trust you, love you and do business with you–ever.

#3 Write to share your point of view and ENGAGE your potential (and current) customers in sharing there point of view. This transforms a “you talking at them” into “you speaking with them in conversation”. It shows you’re staying relevant with current topics, and the needs of your customers. And it shows you care and pay attention to their beliefs, wants, needs and desires. Just make sure you respond to their feedback!

#4 Write to share your SECRETS. Always ask yourself before writing, “What do I know that my customer might want to know about how to save time, save effort, save money, make more money or experience less stress?” If you show that you’re interested in providing REAL LIFE VALUE to your customer by sharing a few steps they can implement (by doing what you do, or providing services or products you provide, of course).

As always, if you’re too busy to complete all of the 25 major steps and 100’s of sub-steps to rank your own website on page 1 of Google (and all the major players) within 60 days, and you’d like to see more of that targeted, BUYER traffic stepping through the virtual doors of your online or offline business, you’re welcome to contact us now about our SEO Domination and NLP Infused Sales Copywriting packages.

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