Why We Offer Bill Me Later Financing, and You Should Too!

Ever thought about offering PayPal Bill Me Later to you’re clients?

But weren’t sure where to get started, or if it will increase your business?

Here’s the truth.

In a world where credit is King, the more credit you can extend to your clients through PayPal or another source, the more opportunities your client will have to realize success from your efforts.

Think about it this way.

Let’s say that you can afford to buy on of our monthly specials, but the sales funnel you’re envisioning to see the skyrocketing sales requires you to have more copy.

If you can work out a deal to get ALL of the pieces you need at one time, and increase your ability to quickly recoup your investment, wouldn’t you do it?

So would your clients.

It’s easy to imagine why, especially for the credit rich group who wants to retain their cash for cash-only expansion ventures in their business.

Plus PayPal Business Bill Me Later is the growing small business owners best friend.

There are many 0% interest, 0 payment opportunities you can take advantage of around the internet, AND if you wrack up a high balance it does not devalue your credit score like other credit cards might because they don’t report your balance to Equifax, Experian or Transunion.

Since you can pay as you go, and the required payments are minimal (often non-existent for the first 6 months) you’re providing your clients even more value–now they can invest in your solutions and pay PayPal back when they begin to see a bigger profit–

And you still get paid immediately!

What’s better? If you have a PayPal Business Debit card, you get 1% back every time you run your PayPal Business Debit card as “credit”–even though it’s coming out of your PayPal account and you’re not paying a penny in interest.

So if you’re one of those smart business owners who maintains a savvy focus on ways to get more money back from the money you invest into your business–or you simply want to increase your clients ability to afford your higher cost packages (because you know you can deliver the best value with your best services) then I suggest you sign your business up for a PayPal business account and extend Bill Me Later services to your clients today.

Wondering the best ways to inform your clients that you’re now able to extend them financing through PayPal (if they’re approved under their low credit score requirement)?

Here are a 3 simple, “stay at the top of their mind” methods youc an leverage to tell your clients they can now get financing for your most prestigious packages…

1. Add your Bill Me Later link with a message to your email signature. Ours says, ““Would you like to see more sales, faster? We finance through PAYPAL. Click Here to Discover How Using PayPal Bill Me Later Can Save You Money While Allowing You to See Faster Sales.”

2. Share it in a press release, and have that press release distributed to major online news networks. Make sure you include the right blend of SEO Infused Hypnotic Language, and that the service also provides backlinks to your website so you get the dual-boost of increasing your search engine ranking. Post it on your website as well so you get even more Google-Love.

3. Inform your social media network followers, especially on LinkedIn, because you never know who would love to take advantage of your offer but can’t currently because they have already invested their cash into growing their business. Just imagine how many more people you can help with this unique service!

Since we have ZERO affiliation with PayPal and I don’t want you to think that you need to sign up through a link from my site, I’ll just say that you can access this amazing service by typing PayPal Business Account or PayPal Bill Me Later into the search engine of your choice.

Whatever you do, always remember–a rising tide raises all boats!

The more you go out of your way to help your clients, the faster you’ll begin to see more sales.

Wishing you all the success in the world!

Diane Boerstler, M.NLP