Don’t Fund Terrorists… Know Where Your Marketing Appears!

Most people would label terrorism as “a bad thing”…

So it’s no wonder several BIG brands like BBC, OxFam and Target were shocked to discover that their ads were appearing alongside videos of terrorist activity on YouTube.

If you’ve studied NLP and anchoring in advertising for any period of time, you know this is a bad thing.

In fact, by seeing these brands side by side with terrorist videos, the watchers minds are essentially anchoring that brand to those videos. While not consciously, it’s been proven time and time again that it happens.

Here’s the problem. Digital marketing is challenging to control unless you know how to click the right “prevention” buttons when setting up the campaign.

The question is, didn’t OxFam, BBC and Target know how?

Maybe they did, or maybe YouTube is handling their entire marketing campaign. No one really knows.

To be honest, I’m only writing this as a word to the wise. Please watch out where your marketing appears, because if 10,000 people suddenly see your branded image next to a terrorist campaign, you can only imagine what their subconscious mind will say next time you ask for their business…

Happy Marketing!