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Attention: Business owners, coaches and entrepreneurs  

Who Else Wants to Get More Sales…More Happy Customers…Build More Rapport with Clients…and Hear “YES” Over and Over Again…


…the Amazing Thing, Of Course, Is the Speed at Which You’ll Begin to Experience Higher Profits, Easier-to-Convert Leads and Higher Search Engine Rankings. It is Rather Remarkable That You Can Double Your Profits in 6 Months or Less! (Sounds unbelievable? That’s healthy and warranted. Keep reading to discover why this is different…)

“I almost hate to share my secret weapon…”






Dear Friend, Now more than ever…the internet is overflowing with customers looking to buy

Maybe you’re tired of waiting to see more than your fair share?

Listen… If you want to double the number of qualified leads you attract, double the money you see rolling into your business, and leave your competition wondering where they’re sales went, This might be the most important information you’ll ever read.

Here’s why. I have just released a confidential Private List Only program called the “Neuro-Sales Seduction Suite: The EXACT NLP Infused Sales Copy Series You’ll Need to Rapidly Accelerate How Quickly Your Customers TRUST YOU, Fly onto YOUR List, and Buy from YOU”. It’s like a sales seduction power house…a done-for-you sales-funnel-in-a-box. (that’s 100% customized to compel your clients to say YES) Without having to waste your better-spent time, energy and effort struggling to learn how to write all the sales copy you’ll need to suck consistent leads and money through your funnel!


Here is just a taste of what you’ll see happening in your life after a small one-time investment that delivers a lifetime of sales (because you shouldn’t have to invest over and over again if you do it right the first time):

  • How tiny “stealth” embedded commands leveraged by NLP practitioners, hypnotics and covert submission experts are infused throughout your custom-created sales copy to incite BUYERS to join-your-email-list and buy faster and faster and faster (What will it feel like to copy and paste, send it out and sell in the next 7 days?)
  • How to get more respect and increase your prestige. (Your new sales copy will help you LIVE the reality as the “go-to” provider…helping you to become the most respected, in demand person in your market!)
  • The mysterious power of naturally placed “NLP Language Patterns” and “Conversationally Hypnotic Embedded Commands”-once you’ve unleashed your new sales copy, you’ll begin to see profits explode like a fireworks display on the fourth of July! (Sound too good to be true? It ONLY works because your sales copy resonates, build’s rapport and incites instant action from your customers.)
  • Instantly begin to see more sales, and a list that grows and grows and grows—with almost no effort! ( I just get so darned frustrated when I think about how people use this to scam—so only sign up now if you have a REAL product that solves problems!)
  • How to get more money (without learning how to write your way out of a paper bag)! (You’ll see how this done-for-you System allows you to get more, from every customer—and since your new sales copy builds that “I LOVE you” rapport, you’ll be able to raise your pricesattract even more clients…and finally get paid the money you deserve!)
  • The exact crafted-for-you implementation instructions that deliver a stampede of new, paying clients from your new sales copy (You will never again have to worry about where your next client is coming from. Simply post. Send traffic. See more sales. It’s that simple!)
  • The ultimate step-by-step profit generating system that makes your success easy. (Make bucket-loads of cash without sacrificing your lifestyle.)
  • You’ll discover how easily you can finally put your business on autopilot so you can sit back and relax. (You might feel a little guilty about all the money you make with so little work!)
  • How to get more qualified leads in a month than your competitors get all year! (Struggling to attract new business? Post your new created-to-entrance-your-clients sales copy and unleash your client attraction super powers!)
  • Yes, you can finally see working for you that “top secret” NLP Infused Hypnotic Sales Copy you can immediately use to DOUBLE your income without doubling the amount of work you do. (Not only will you rake in more money, you’ll also have a LOT more FREE TIME to enjoy the money you’re making. What will you do with all your extra time once you see all that money flow into your account?)
  • How YOU can be the person who has more business than you can handle, who is helping your clients and having fun—while your competitors are sitting around complaining about the lack of work.
  • How to leverage the power of action-inciting images and color psychology to build trust, rapport and increase your status in the eyes of your prospects and clients. (You don’t need to know squat about technology to use this secret!)
  • A complete, step by step autopilot system that will hand you an army of link-sharing storm troopers who do your marketing for YOU…free! (When you resonate and build rapport with your ideal clients, and you leverage this to deliver HIGH QUALITY content (which you’ll never have to write) you’ll not only save time—I GUARANTEE that you’ll begin to see new leads and sales pouring in at a rate you’ve never experienced before!)
  • A powerful stealth systematically crafted sales copy funnel that pre-qualifies your prospects, educates them, sets their buying criteria and makes you the only logical service provider in your market!
  • More traffic. Yes, with 2014 updated Google-Loving SEO LSI Semantics infused into your sales copy you’ll see increases in how quickly your sales copy soars up the search engine rankings by at least 297%… This is a very sophisticated strategy which enhances how quickly FREE traffic begins to send those sales flowing through your door…and position you as that TRUSTWORTHY provider Google loves most.
  • A classy set of “I want to open it” emails that force your prospects to stay in touch, keep YOUR name and products at the top of their mind and position you as that “go-to” expert in the business niche or field of your choice…when you used alone this strategically crafted, hand-written-for-you email series will double your profits within the next 12 months.
  • Plus you’ll get a full “Red-Flag Sales Funnel Review” of your current website so that you can easily avoid the 3 biggest mistakes business owners make online…the same mistakes that are costing you clients, leads and sales and you’ll understand how to immediately fix the problem so you transform your online space into an automatic client generation machine!

 “Three Powerful Reasons Why You Should

Believe What I Say”

Reason One: I’m not directly involved in your business which is good for everyone because I’ve crafted the sales copy that delivers profits for 1,000’s. In fact, I have 1,000’s of business owners from every corner of the world including UK, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, Russia, UAE, Israel, Canada, Germany, France, Ireland, Scotland, Poland, the United States and so many other’s I can’t remember…business owners and online marketers who rely on my money-making advice. In fact, I’ve helped mom and pop’s, coaches, consultants, speakers, CPA’s, authors, entertainers, photographers, linguists, engineers, doctors, lawyers, real estate agents and other types of entrepreneurs grow their business and make more money. Because of that you’re getting more than “sales copy” like you might see from someone who just “rinses and repeats”. You’re getting cutting edge, innovative and powerful NEW NLP infused hypnotic language patterns custom-linked with proven sales converting tactics…for attracting more leads, making more sales and making more money… Psychological Conversion Creating Language Patterns I’ve Tried, Tested and NEVER Shared Before with anyone (except my husband, of course…)

Reason two: I put my money where my mouth is with an iron clad 365 NO RISK Unlimited Edits GUARANTEE. Yes, I won’t stop until You’re 100% Satisfied. You’ll be stunned when you hear about it in a few minutes. None of the so called sales copywriting “gurus” would dare to make such a outrageous guarantee. By now offering you the same guarantee my clients have tested and proven to be more-than-fair for the last half-decade, I’m literally guaranteeing you will be successful. Reason three: I have a mountain-sized-pile of 5-STAR results based testimonials from my clients–the same client’s who’ve helped me become RANKED AMONG THE TOP .001% INTERNATIONALLY for SALES COPYWRITING. These testimonials show the most important thing you should consider before you buy sales copy–real results that real people have gotten by leveraging the power of custom-created NLP infused sales copy.

You’ll hear from some of my clients in just a minute. (By the way these testimonials are NOT made up.)

Every single one of them and hundreds more can be found on my Elance profile under NLP HypnoCopy, and even more are in file at our office in Washington’s beautifully sunny San Juan Islands.)

Now, you absolutely don’t need me to craft the psychologically compelling sales copy that’s proven to grow your business. You can try to do everything yourself…try to create your own sales copy…learn by trial and error. You can buy thousands of dollars’ worth of sales copywriting courses and waste a lot of time and energy trying to get over that “what exactly do I write?” hump…separating the cream from the curd.


You can leverage Systematic Sales Copy designed specifically for YOUR small businesses—it’s 100% guaranteed with 365 days of unlimited edits AND as you can see from the testimonials below…it’s already proven to be wildly effective. Plus you’ll get the exact instructions you need to paste-into-place your new NLP infused hypnotic sales copy so you quickly and easily make more money and generate more clients.

It’s easy. It’s professional. It makes your clients LOVE you. It works.

In addition to the instructions you’ll get for implementing your custom crafted, NLP infused hypnotic sales copy, “Neuro-Sales Seduction Suite: The EXACT NLP Infused Sales Copy You’ll Need to Rapidly Accelerate How Quickly Your Customers Love YOU, Fly onto YOUR List, and Buy from YOU” contains an arsenal of…

ALL The Custom-Crafted Copy You’ll Need

To Sell Your Product, Service or Solution Online

I have made getting more sales this System ultra-easy because I have done 96% of the work for you! You get all the proven sales copy “tools” you need to implement the sales copy you’ll discover. And these documents are 100% YOURS, which gives you permission to take them and use them as you like! Copy and paste snippets anywhere you’d like–(If you were to pay me to write your copy over and over again, piece by piece, you’d be investing more than $25,000 a year plus additional time, effort and explanation—so you’re getting a lifetime worth of copywriting services provided in your custom-created sales funnel System—all one done-for-you package.)

Here is a sweet sample of the custom-crafted converting copy you’ll get EXCLUSIVE rights to after you buy now:

  • Instant Action Inciting Constant-Customer-Compelling Sales Letter: Get up to 2,000 of those words that sell, crafted custom for your audience, and chocked full of the sales pattern guaranteed to deliver. With exactly how to implement it—color psychology, font, headline size, positioning techniques, images, trust elements—the WORKS! Stop imagining what it’s like to wake up to more money, and attract the best customers and finally experience it now… (Value: $3997)


  • Convert-on-Command Opt-in Page + Action-Inciting Image: You’ll get high-converting sales copy designed to attract, resonate and build rapport with your potential customers, so they enter their information and grab your freebie—seeing you GIVE value before you ask for the sale. (Value $1497)


  • Grab n’ Buy List-Building Freebie (OR Video Sales Script):  You’ll get a custom-created-to-convert-for-your-business PDF report, specifically designed to incite your customers to join your email list, grab their attention, build rapport , position you (and your) company as THE go-to experts, and convert customers into sales. (Value $7997)  * *Already have a list-building freebie? You can choose to get your report delivered as a video sales script your team can turn into a high-power sales video instead.


  • Stay-at-the-Top-of-the-Brain Sales Boosting Autoresponder Emails: You’ll get 3 months of Sales Driving, Expert Positioning Emails (30 Emails to be sent every 3 days) that position you as a value-adding, go-to expert. Plus you’ll get the strategic guidance to know when to send them, and where to send them. Simply upload them to your autoresponder, in the strategic sequence specified, and begin to see more sales. (Value $7797)


  • SEO Infused Hypnotic Articles + Action-Inciting Images: You’ll get 12 SEO infused articles to position you as the go-to expert. Emails you need to sell filled with the LSI Semantics that compel the search engine spiders to rank your site higher, so more customers who need your services find you–naturally—for FREE. And to guarantee you get that extra boost in sales, each SEO Infused Hypnotic Article includes a dynamic, proven to perform call-to-action, so you see more sales with every read. (Value $2997)


  • BONUS: “Your Choice” timing and 365 days of email consulting. That means you choose when you’d like to have your copy delivered…from as quickly as 7 days after you buy…to up to 24 months later…so if you know you want to take advantage of this offer now, then you have all the time you’ll need to get that new product or service ready to launch. Because you should only have to be ready to receive more sales, when you’re ready to receive more sales!

  The best part? Because your NLP infused hypnotic sales copy is neurologically crafted to drop your customers subconscious MIND BARRIER, you’ll resonate, build rapport and watch their trust dial turn up at MACH SPEED so they’ll be looking for your sales button immediately…

Because now more than ever, it’s not enough anymore to go for that “one-time” sale.

Like most ethical business owners, I believe you can’t just turn and burn customers–because word gets around and people stop buying. Smart business owners KNOW that crafting a system that delivers repeatedly consist sales is the best way to see your business grow and grow and grow. Get referrals. Become that go-to expert buyers seek-out.

And I’m not the only one revealing this truth. If you open your eyes, then you’ll see this happening everywhere. Look at how all the experts do it…

Of course they’re capturing their customers’ information into a giant holding tank, so they can drip-feed the dynamic sales copy that delivers more sales and higher conversions and that increases expert status overnight. So if your worn out sales copy isn’t working anymore—or you’re struggling to craft converting headlines, bullet points and calls to action–you now know why.

The fact is…

You’ll not only feel better when you see more sales, you’ll get more respect and more referrals. A huge claim to make? I agree… In fact, until I looked around and realize most sales copywriters were struggling, I didn’t become aware of just how great I had it in my business!

More now than ever, my Top .001% Internationally Ranked status means the difference to business owners…you know the difference I mean. When you wonder whether you’ll be struggling to survive in a year, or if you’ll become that cream that’s risen to the top—that business that’s around to deliver your customers the best products in a year—and flourish? The truth is that these 100% tailored, done-for-you sales converting documents are one of the major reasons why my NLP Infused Hypnotic Advertising System is the most powerful one available for business owners. You are NOT just getting rehashed copy you’ll see all over the net, or a “book of ideas” you’ll need to learn from. You are getting the actual “tools” you need so you can put more-cash in your pocket, immediately! Just copy. Paste. Profit.

Don’t think of this Suite is just a random collection of “fill in the blank” letters, by the way. MOST of my sales copy leverages the historically proven NLP language patterns and hypnotic sales copy. But virtually EVERY Tested, Proven, and never-been-shared-before Sales Inducing language pattern is infused into piece of sales copy you’ll need to convert more sales and leads. It’s all included in the most comprehensive, easy to use, effective sales copy sales funnel series for business owners available today.

I don’t even teach the most covert language patterns you’ll see at the University…

Not to a mastermind group. Not to clients. Not in one. single. book.

Fact is, unless you’re paying me $10,000 a month on copywriting critique retainer, you’d never even know they existed. And remember, since you get 100% exclusive rights to leverage these powerful words to your advantage, you simply copy and paste to get instant results and start generating a breathtaking amount of cash and clients very quickly! It’s impossible to imagine attracting your ideal clients any easier!

Picture it. What will it be like when minutes after you paste and send traffic, your leads and sales begin pouring in…

And your list grows bigger and bigger and bigger? (All people you have 100% rights to market your new products, launches, services and solutions to 24/7…even when you need extra cash for the holidays) Most business owners say it’s like seeing a line of customers out the door…

Now I know you’re probably feeling skeptical. That’s normal and healthy. I mean Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Conversational Hypnosis only converts 875% more customers when you’re face to face…or on the phone…right? So…don’t just trust I’ll deliver you results. Listen to what more of my clients have to say…

“INCREDIBLE…took rough copy and turned it into professional, easy to read, compelling copy…”


 “…gave me so much VALUE through her experience and knowledge.

If I could give her an extra star I would…”



“…I would not look for someone else if I have her…”



“…made extra efforts to ensure I was more than satisfied with her work. Thank you!…”


“Caring and passionate…went beyond expectations to produce what we wanted on time.

Do use her if you want value for your money…”





“BRILLIANT WORK…wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again or to refer associates and friends.”



Warning: Do NOT Buy Any

Done-for-You, 100% CUSTOMIZED

“Customer Compelling” Sales Copy System

Unless It Meets the Following 3 Criteria…

There is a lot of confusion surrounding sales copy. So I want to give you 3 criteria or elements you absolutely, positively must have before you invest in any System:

One: Does the sales copywriter guarantee you 100% rights to take and use your sales copy immediately—in any way you’d like? A lot of sales copy is nothing but copied and pasted templates. The sales copywriter fails to give you any guarantee that your work is 100% unique, or if she does, she warns you not to use it anywhere else. You should insist on getting custom-created sales copy you can use everywhere you’d like, even sell it if you want…because you deserve to use it everywhere to generate more money immediately.

Two: Does your sales copywriter offer actual experience with NLP Infused Hypnotic Sales Copy in the field? A lot of sales copywriting is written by writers who’ve never actually tested it to prove it works. Even worse, many NLP sales copywriters don’t understand WHERE to use language patterns to deliver maximum sales. And the scariest part? Most don’t even understand WHY they’re using specific language patterns—you know—they think that tossing in a double-bind here, and a riddle-up-action-intensifier there will instantly improve their conversions. They strategies they use “work in theory” but does that sales copywriter you’re trusting have real-life, in-the-trenches experience?

Three: Does the person crafting your custom sales copy have impossible to tamper with, real-life testimonials? By the hundreds? Wondering why this is CRITICAL. Be wary of people selling you sales copy with fluff testimonials like, “Great job!” People don’t want to hurt feelings—so anyone can get those. You want to see hardcore, no B.S. testimonials like the ones you just read.

By Now You’re Probably Wondering…

How Much Will I Need to Invest?

(You Get at Least A Lifetime of Your Money’s Worth!)


Comprehensive customized-to-your-clients sales copywriting suites, like “Neuro-Sales Seduction Suite: The EXACT NLP Infused Sales Copy Series You’ll Need to Rapidly Accelerate How Quickly Your Customers Love YOU, Fly onto YOUR List, and Buy from YOU” frequently cost $25,000 to $500,000 or more and NONE of them can hold a candle to this Series. (Dan Kennedy just got $1,000,000 for a sales page and we often charge up to $25,000.00.)

Picture the results you’ll get hiring Dan Kennedy, David Ogilvy, Frank Kern, ALL the top NLP and Conversational Hypnosis masters of the world and the rest WITHOUT the Steep Price! (Because you’ll experience amazingly powerful results).

If you were to buy this Sales Copy Series piece by piece, you’d be paying more than $25,000. BUT I come from a family of small business owners (many who’ve allowed me to help them become that go-to expert in their field—so they’re finally getting paid what they’re worth), so I’m taking a hit to make this accessible to business owners, coaches, consultants and high-caliber professionals—now you’ll get the custom crafted NLP Infused Hypnotic sales copy (complete with the embedded action inciting language patterns you need) for just $25000.00 $6497 When you stop and think about what it will feel like to know you’re milking your online sales from every possible angle—you’ll finally get to take a deep breath and relax! Just imagine the respect you’ll get from your customers and competitors. Without hype or fanfare they’ll deem you the best business owner in your industry…

Sound hard to believe? Even your family will find you a less stressed out, more pleasant person!

So what’s my hidden move? Why am I practically giving away my time, energy, years of hard earned EXPERTISE and effort?

Well, it’s NOT because this sales copy suite is designed to sell you a more expensive suite. You get everything you need in this Suite without having to buy anything else. (I really despise watching clients get raked over the coals with scams like that.) And, once you see how your new “Neuro-Sales Seduction Suite” Sales Copy produces leads, clients and profits for you’ve only started to imagine, you’ll want to continue to refer business to me (just don’t refer your competition). Again, you’ll not need to buy anything else. Plus, I get to live my passion and mission which is helping business owners like you finally feel on top of the world when you see those sales pour in! AND I know I’m helping your customers get the best products in your market. It’s really a win-win situation.

Oh, and here’s another thing: While I’m not going to try to persuade you into thinking there’s a limited supply of this Secret Sales Seduction System, I will remind you that I refuse to outsource—and MY time is limited. There’s only 24 hours in a day, and I have to sleep and hug my kids sometime, right! So if you buy now, you’ll be securing your space in line so you’ll get your sales copy before it’s too late.

You can even request it rushed to you, so you’ll get it all within 7 days—but only if you’re in a hurry to see more sales.

The truth is… The reason I want you to give the “Neuro-Sales Seduction Suite” a try is not because “supplies are limited’. There’s no supply of sales-sucking copy coming out of my brain. Besides, gimmicks like that would only lower my credibility. The “Neuro-Sales Seduction Suite” belongs in your business armory because I want you to stop worrying about getting clients, stop spending your hard earned money on “sales copy books” and rehashed templates (that convert at a meager .01%) and other schemes that simply prove you’ll fail again!! Many smart business owners believe that reason alone is more than enough to order “Neuro-Sales Seduction Suite” right now.

If you’ve tried to write your own sales seducing copy, then you probably realize this is an easy decision for you to make… because at just $24997.00, $14997.00 $6497, if you apply it to your online space, follow my action-inciting image and color-psychology suggestions and grab even ONE snippet from your customized “Neuro-Sales Seduction Suite” to use anywhere else in your marketing funnel…the additional business you’ve imagined will easily give you thousands of times return on your small one-time investment.

Seriously, you deserve to stop and think about it for a moment…How many clients will you see rolling in before you quickly make back your investment?

My Personal Guarantee

You have a FULL 365 Days to examine everything, and request any edits or additions 100% FREE. You read that correctly. There is no additional fees for editing, like you’ll find when you hire most sales copywriters. No “I’ll edit this tiny percentage of the copy, and then you pay me more”. No teeny tiny print or weasel clauses. No “better remember every detail you want to include now—or else…”. Just request edits within 365 days. Yes, one FULL year. It’s that simple and straight forward.

But be forewarned… Don’t buy now if you think this will help you become a better sales copywriter, because I’m not here to force you to learn how to write your way out a paper bag. Only buy now if you’re looking for a customized to compel YOUR customers to convert sales copy suite that you can copy and paste anywhere you’d like to see more sales. When you click on the big button below, you’ll suddenly be transported up the ladder to the executive suite of business owners—those ones you’re always hearing about doing what you’d like to be doing—what you imagined doing this time last year—but haven’t gotten around to yet—because you just haven’t found the right system until now.


Click Here to Get More Sales…More Profitable Leads…and More Customers Now

 By now you may be wondering…

Why am I offering you this opportunity to try my proven Neuro-Sales Seduction Suite copy, completely customized to your business, at absolutely no risk?

It’s really quite simple.

First, I KNOW the SEO LSI semantics infused in your new sales copy will boost your search engine rankings—plus the untold covert language pattern techniques and strategies work BEYOND the 875% they increase conversions in face-to-face conversations–because everything, every letter, ad, idea has worked amazingly well for my clients. But, I also realize you may be feeling a bit skeptical so I want to allow you to let go of any risk or doubt you may have. As you can see from the testimonials, I only write based on a tested and PROVEN science, so you will get the same incredible results as my other clients once you put my secrets to work for you.

What will it feel like to have an invisible sales force working for you 24/7/365—without asking for a day off, whining about more benefits, or asking for higher pay?

Sooner than later, you’ll need every piece of sales copy you’ll invest in today, so I know you’ll love it, or you’ll get unlimited edits until you do!

Don’t decide now if you’ll love your high-converting sales copy the first time you get it. Just get it and try it out. Prove to yourself that Neuro-Sales Seduction Suite and every word included is all I say it is. Put it to the test in your own business and then decide that it’s delivering the results you want. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain and less than zero risk. Look at it this way…$24997.00, $14997.00 $6497 is just a painless drop in the bucket compared to being frustrated because you offer a great product or service but aren’t generating enough clients or making the money you deserve.

By now you’re ready to begin to see more sales and more sales and more sales show up in your inbox, and become prepared to see a flood of new people to market to on your email list and more money than you’ve ever made before (What will it feel like to finally break through that big figure mark? You’ll only know when you know).

Best, e877f29688d5927cbada57bf8182c0521.jpeg Diane Boerstler, M.NLP (Top .001% Internationally Ranked Buyer Driving Sales Copywriter & Conversational Hypnotist)




P.S. Billy Thompson—who I made so much he was able to relocate his family to the ocean–recently sent me the following e-mail…(As a member of our System, you’ll get results like these too) “You get the chance to have Diane write more sales into your life with custom sales copy, you take it immediately. I only found this page because a client referred me…and now I KNOW why. She generated more than $42,000 to my business with one sales letter in less than 3 days. I bought her Neuro-Sales Seduction Suite and the phone starting ringing off the hook with new gym owners wanting to pay me $5,000 a pop to do their SEO!”

P.P.S. You may never see this offer again. It’s not ranked in the search engines and I can’t simply create more time out of thin air to take on more clients so now is your time to take action if you’d like to instantly see more systematic, repeating sales, happier buyers, and an email list full of people who trust you enough to buy with NLP infused hypnotic sales copy that builds rapport, resonates and incites action.