89% Open Rate for Emails… It IS Possible. Here’s How…

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Good Day Fellow NLP Infused Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Coaches, Consultants and Affiliates!

(Whew! That was a mouthful)

If you’ve been struggling to get your emails OPENED, you’ll want to pay close attention.

Last week I decided to run a split-test on a few simple email headlines (and the results may surprise you).

First know that this was an UNTARGETED list of people (and these types of lists tend to get the lowest open rates).

I tapped into this list because I wanted to split-test COLD…meaning I wanted to see how they worked with people with whom I’ve build no rapport…

Here are the headlines I sent out, and here are the results:

Headline #1: “Our Biggest Manifestation Ever”– 32.14% Open Rate. 24.8% Click-Thru Rate

Headline #2: “RE: The Answer to Your Question”– 35.34% Open Rate. 34% RESPONSE Rate (34% of people emailed me back!)

Headline #3: (THE WINNER) “I need to ask you this…”–88.64% OPEN RATE. 45% RESPONSE rate (45% of people wrote back!)

Headline #4: (And in 2nd Place) “I forgot to ask you lately…”–56.28% Open Rate. (Same email as above, 47% response rate)

I based these 4 email headlines on 3 premises:

Premise #1: People want to feel inspired about success, thus “Our Biggest Manifestation Ever”. I didn’t know if the people on that list even knew what a manifestation was, and with the average email open rate dropping to a pittiful 10% average in the last year (for even high-targeted lists) 32% open rate sure feels great!

Premise #2: People are afraid to miss out on “answers”…even if they don’t know which question their answering! That’s why “RE: The Answer to Your Question” received an open rate of 35.34%.

Premise #3: The Subconscious Mind Always Needs to GIVE an answer when asked a question.  So “I need to ask you this” and “I forgot to ask you lately” received record-breaking open rates.

I checked with quite a few of my sales copywriting friends this weekend when I saw that 88.65% open rate, and no one–NO ONE has ever received an open rate that high.

And since we’re focusing on analysis this morning, and learning HOW to craft hypnotically compelling open rates, I’d just like to remind you.

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