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Dear Fellow Marketer,

If you’d like to see 3X’s more sales (in sales letters and in person), continually push-your customers buy-now button, and avoid the most common reasons why people abandon your cart (when they’re SO close to buying you can taste it!)…

Then you’ll want to pay close attention. 

(If you’re skeptical, you haven’t reviewed my Top .01% internationally ranked reputation for crafting mind-hacking sales copy. You’ll learn more about that whole business shortly…)

First, I need to tell you something.

I wasn’t always a top sales copywriter (or Mind-Hacking NLP Master)

Back when I first began writing NLP Infused Hypnotic Sales Copy, I fell into the most commonly overlooked pitfall you can imagine…

(Maybe you’ve struggled to get your customers to pay attention, trust you and buy instantly before?)

You see, many years ago, before I became world renowned for crafting the words that deliver you sales…

I made the same mistake 99.7% of NLP sales copywriters and business owners do. I thought that by simply infusing the phrases into my sales copy, I could dramatically increase my conversions. 

Sure, I got “mediocre” conversions that way. 

Here’s the problem. I believe “mediocre” stinks like a dead carcass rotting in the sunlight. (sorry for the graphic image, but sales copy without conversions truly stinks that bad!)

I mean, when you stop and think about it, “mediocre” means you leave a lot of FREE MONEY on the table.

Money your competitor can swoop by and collect the second your “could have been” customer walks away from you, and becomes enchanted by them.

So it doesn’t matter if you want to implement this to finally become wealth…or walk back into your class reunion and shock all those people who doubted you…or finally stop feeling ashamed every time you look at your conversion rate, and your bank account. 

This. Is. Your. Answer. But don’t simply take my word for it…

Learn more. Really think about how much more powerful your sales copy (and sales process) becomes when you infuse it with powerful psychological hacks that allow you to slip past your customers subconscious MIND BARRIER…

And finally see all those sales you’ve worked so hard to achieve!

Now I could tell you to stop and imagine all the sales you’ll make by leveraging the powerful, proven method I’m about to reveal to you—but I’ll do you one better.

Before you click Buy Now, I want you to see just a taste of what you’ll be learning when you crack open this Instant Mind-Hacking Implementation Guide.

  • You’ll get 10X’s the juicy covert deep-penetrating knowledge, in 1/10th the time (by leveraging my time-saving FSCSS method)
  • You’ll uncover the exact Mind-Trance Research Methods I use to weave my way through the maze of “false info” out there and ONLY pick out the juiciest, most deeply secretive tidbits (without asking a single prying question, to a single customer)
  • You’ll discover my Proprietary (and never-before-revealed) 5-step Mind-Hack Method to uncovering your clients’ deepest desires (push these hot-buttons and you’ll see 3X’s the number of people pushing your Buy Now button)
  • You’ll how I write directly to my clients’ customers subconscious mind, without every meeting them in person (learn this trick, and you’ll never need to run a single expensive research group for as long as you live!)
  • You’ll KNOW exactly what your client wants you to ADD to your product or service (and exactly what they believe holds zero value—so you can drop it fast)
  • You’ll understand the importance of building your “I’ve Tried XYZ” list, exactly WHERE to infuse it into your sales copy to skyrocket sales like fireworks on Independence day (Plus you’ll discover the seriously sneaky place I go to find ALL of my highest converting fodder)
  • You’ll avoid the shame, frustration, and wasted time that comes along with simply “adding in a few NLP phrases” (and know that when you send targeted traffic, you’ll instantly begin to see more sales)
  • You’ll IDENTIFY YOUR CLIENTS BIGGEST OBJECTIONS (and dissolve them like salt in water, before they cause major cart abandonment!)
  • You’ll literally INFUSE every sales, marketing and copy campaign you tackle with nitrous, allowing you to fly toward your financial goals faster than you’ve ever imagined possible…
  • And Much, Much More

The best part? There’s no fluff! No filler! No randomness…

Because all those things are time wasters. In fact, I’ve taken this entire proven method for hacking into your clients’ subconscious mind (and allowing you to see sales like Macy’s on Black Friday), and boiled it down to just a short, sweet n’ simple, step-by-step System. The NLP HypnoCopy Mind-Hack Research Blueprint.

I’ve personally used these “Mind-Hacks” (Yes this very SAME Blueprint Research System) to generate millions from sales copy for my clients…

And now you can model after me and apply them to your business right now. 

Even if you’ve struggled to identify what’s been missing from your marketing campaign for as long as you can remember…

And even if you’ve felt like nothing will work, no matter what you do!

You can take a deep breath and relax…

Because you’ve finally discovered the answers you’ve been seeking. Once you get a strong foothold here, everything else just seems to fall-together, and make perfect sense!

Originally this VOLUME of knowledge towered more than 147 pages, but then I realized that you don’t need to know everything…you just need to know how to sneak past your customers subconscious mind barriers and WHERE to say WHAT so you triple your sales in seconds.

That’s why I’ve made it simple AND affordable for you…

You see, you’re getting instant access to my simple, yet powerful Mind-Hack Research blueprint.

(Literally a Copy. Rinse. Repeat. Profit method you can begin using today).

And as you walk with me through the entire process, you’ll finally discover

  1. EXACTLY where to click, and what to collect
  2. EXACTLY which words and questions you’ll want to use and
  3. EXACTLY where to use them in your sales copy,

All boiled down to a powerful, tested, and 1000X’s PROVEN Blueprint…

So you can immediately implement each step to boost your business sales.


Don’t Believe Me Until You Read

Why My Clients’ All Rate Me 5/5 Stars, Every Time…

  would_not_look_for_someone_else_if_I_have_her_testimonial made_extra_efforts_to_ensure_I_was_more_than_satisfied_with_her_work_testimonial incredible_testimonial give_an_extra_star_testimonial ezurbub_for_top_of_sales_page do_use_her_if_ou_want_value_for_your_money_testimonial a_professional_genius_testimonial 7900_testimonial_from_chain


After Reading that Many Powerful Testaments to What You’ll Be Learning

You’re Probably Wondering…

What Should I Expect to Invest in this Mind-Hacking Blueprint System


The fact is, the reason I get up to

  • 91% email open-rates
  • And up to 15% sales page conversion rates
  • And even up to 69% capture page opt-in rates

Is because I do MORE than infuse NLP Language Patterns and Hypnotic Buy-Now phrases into my sales copy. While that certainly helps, simply weaving together a bunch of words and phrases together kind of defeats the purpose…

Why? Because NLP is just that; Neuro-Linguistic. (In laymens terms, Neuro means Brain, and Linguistic means Language, so It’s Brain-Language)

Think about this for a moment…

What would it be like to Remove Your Chains, and literally know exactly what to say to ANYONE who speaks ANY Brain Language?

What will it feel like to finally see those “you’ve got a sale” alerts piling up in your inbox?

And when you look at your bank account, and realize that you’re not imagining that huge number you’ve worked SO hard (I’m talking sweat, blood and tears) to see…how much excitement will rush through your veins?

LISTEN….You need to be able to dig deep into your clients’ subconscious minds, their beliefs, their desires, their disappointments—

Their BRAIN—and only then can you leverage the powerful phrases you grabbed in my free Ebook for pure profits.

Just imagine, knowing exactly WHAT your client desires, and even HOW they want you to deliver it through your products and services…

Yes, even HOW to overcome their biggest objections—without ever speaking a word, or asking a single question.

You’re getting a crash-course in market research, the RIGHT way, without having to pay to attend a #1 University (like I did), or invest $225,000 in education (like I did), or pay people to tell you what they think you want to hear (like most business owners do)…

And while I know I could charge $497.00 for this proven Mind-Hack System (and I will in the near future), I won’t even charge you a fraction of that, nor will you invest $197.00

You might think I’m a bit crazy for giving away the farm like this, especially after spending days sifting through 147 pages, and cutting it down to the “only what you need to know to increase your sales now” blueprint portions…so you might think I’d charge you $147. Because I’ve personally crafted compelling, converting sales copy (among the top .01% in the world, in fact) for more than 17 years, I’m offering this amazing “copy n paste” Mind-Hack blueprint to you for a single, 1-time investment of just $97.00 $47

So if you’re ready to discover THE amazing secrets capable of injecting a surge of adrenaline into your marketing, producing higher response rates, and a dramatic increase in your conversions and sales, then it’s vital that you take the first step right now…

Yes, Diane I Want Instant Access to Your

NLP HypnoCopy Mind-Hack Research Blueprint System


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Now I could try to make you buy now by adding in some “scarcity” but I believe that will only lower my credibility. I mean, if you want to see why you should buy it now, all you would need to do is go and type in my business name, or my personal name and you’d see a mile-long list of 5-star feedback from more than 1000 clients…

And I could try to add in a bunch of bonuses here, with inflated “values” to show you that you’re getting far more value than you are investing…

But you probably already realize how valuable knowing how to hack into your client’s mind is, without asking them a single embarrassing question—without reading their eyes—without watching their movements—without mirroring them…

You know how powerful this knowledge is, and how quickly it can allow you to see sale after sale after sale flow into your account…

So the question then becomes, how much is it worth to you to be able to dig-deep into your customers subconscious mind—and use THEIR words, to sell more of what you offer.

Plus know exactly what they want you to sell to them (so you can add the right products and services, all delivered in the format they want).

I don’t have to tell you what that means for your life…your income…and your business.

You can imagine it yourself…

The question is, wouldn’t you love to stop imagining it, and experience it in real-life?

Take a Deep Breath and Relax…

You’re Covered By My Personal Risk-Free No-Hassle Guarantee

My reputation means more to me than anything…(except my clients’ conversions, of course!)

So you can trust me when I say that you’ve never seen this before, that you can instantly put it to practical use, and that you’ll finally hold the power to peek deep beneath the surface of your customers’ most private, intimate, “push this button and I’ll buy now” thoughts.

Now more than ever, I believe it’s important to act with ethics, so here’s what I’m going to offer you. If you don’t glean at least 3 unbelievably powerful research tips that boost your sales from this The NLP HypnoCopy Mind-Hack Blueprint, I’ll craft you a hypnotic sales email (a $197 value) 100% Free.  Because if you’re like me, you’re ethical and determined, so you don’t want your money back—it’s not worth the hassle—you want to SEE MORE SALES. Sales that happen every single day, over and over again. Sales that take you to that next level.

So that’s what I’ll guarantee you. If you put this into practice, and you’re not seeing more sales, simply send me your research, and I’ll craft you a hypnotic emails guaranteed to get you more sales–because let’s face it–while this is easy for most people, everyone has their weak spot (I can’t write a compelling childrens’ story to save my life–that’s why I’m a sales copywriter)

Just one more thing…

Before you begin wondering what you’ll do if you have questions, stop. You won’t be the first person, or the last to have questions, which is why you’ll get instant email access to me to ask all the questions you’d like about this method, at no additional charge, immediately after you invest just $197.00 $47 in this powerful Mind-Hack Research Blueprint.

No matter if you buy now, or wait to buy until you need a life-raft to prevent your competition from drowning you, I wish you the best of luck in all of your business ventures.


Diane Boerstler, M.NLP, Conversational Hypnotist, and

Top .01% Internationally Ranked Sales Copy Conversion Expert

P.S. Please note that this is COPYWRITTEN information, and 100% proprietary. Unless you’re a private coaching client you’ve never seen anything like this Fast, Easy Mind-Hack Blueprint before…and you may not, under any circumstances, reproduce it anywhere–without prior written permission.

P.S. #2: If you’d like to see MORE testimonials, and re-read the ones you just read (so you know you’re real) you’re welcome to check out my profile on Elance. You can’t tamper with testimonials there, which is why I maintain some clients’ there, to keep me honest–and so the world knows I’m the real-deal.

Just one more thing…I promise! One of my clients’ recently wrote me and said I generated $42,000 in business for him (a one-man band consultant), in just 3 days–with one single sales letter–yes, this Mind-Hack Blueprint is very powerful–and THE starting point you must start from if you’d like to triple your sales…


Yes, Diane I Want Instant Access to Your

NLP HypnoCopy Mind-Hack Research Blueprint System


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Remember, I’m here for you if you have any questions. You can call me now at 206-914-5451 (yes that’s my REAL number) or you can email me and get a fast response at

Warmest Wishes!


P.S. if you decide to go away and “think about it”, you’ll pay more when you return.  Why pay more?  What’s to think about? Your purchase is guaranteed. 

P.S. #2…One more thing. If you were to pay me for just this research alone, you’d be looking at more than $250 an hour. Now you can Hack into Your Clients Mind and Make them Buy NOW without worrying you’re doing it right–so even if you’d failed before, you’re guaranteed to succeed with this–no matter what!