Advanced NLP Hypnotic Advertising Language Pattern Techniques: Set Your Prospects Emotions on Fire with Questions

How frustrated are you about your customers lack of interest in your products?

How curious are you to discover how to get your customers emotionally excited about what you provide?

And How much excitement would you feel rising in your body if you were to suddenly see more sales, by infusing an easy to use language pattern throughout your NLP advertising and hypnotic sales copy?

What are all of these powerful questions examples of?

Emotion Activating Questions 

What is an Emotion Activating Question?

Most simply put, it’s an NLP language pattern that allows you to put your potential customer or client in the perfect emotional state, so you can begin transitioning them through your Open Nested Loop Patterns (Anchor or control their current emotional state, transition through curiosity, provide the solution, anchor to their emotional objection anchor state, transition through curiosity, transition sentence, provide the solution)

How do I craft my own Emotion Activating Questions?

By following the simple template below, you can begin infusing this powerful NLP advertising language pattern technique anywhere you want to increase sales. 

The Pattern: How (list of emotions) are you feeling right now about (their current situation)?

Step 1: Determine which NEGATIVE emotion you want to start your open nested loop with:

How frustrated, angry, and beat-down are you feeling right now about…

Step 2: Determine their current situation. Here’s a hint. It’s the PROBLEM you’re solving

How frustrated, angry and beat-down are you feeling right now about being forced to pay 2x’s as much for your home.

(This would be an example for a company that helps people pay off their mortgage in 10 years)

See, it’s relatively simple, except for one tiny hiccup…

How do you know WHICH emotional words to use? And how do you know the exact words to use when describing the problem you’re solving?

For that, there’s an easy (I mean stupid simple 20 minute solution) which you can learn more about right here. 

And remember, if you ever have questions, or need help creating that invisible sales professional who sells your products 24/7/365 (and only get’s paid once!) then you’re welcome to contact me now.