#1 Most Commonly Overlooked Reason You’re NOT Selling More on Amazon and How to Fix It Fast

Who Else Wants to Uncover the #1, Most Commonly Overlooked Reason Why You’re NOT Selling Enough on Amazon…Breakthrough Your Blindspots…

Stop Sending Your Competitors Sales on Amazon and START SWIPING THEIRS?

Hint: It has NOTHING to do with your SEO, your PRODUCT, your ADVERTISING or AMAZONS latest rule about exchanging free products for testimonials…

Before we get started you should know this is NOT a sales pitch in disguise. While my background allows me to sell you anything I want, and you’ll learn why in just a minute, I’m not here to sell you anything. And when you stick around to the end, I’m going to tell you how to get a free gift that’s brought my clients millions of dollars…yep.

That’s 7 figures.

So if I’m not here to sell you, why in the world would I spend time creating a video? Beyond the fact that I’m passionate about helping Amazon sellers stop talking about the results they want to get, and get them…I’m here to dispel the biggest lies, misconceptions and hidden pitfalls I pull my Amazon clients out of time and time again…so you can stop giving away all your sales and finally grow your Amazon empire…

So who am I and why should you put your skepticism on hold for just a few short minutes to take my FREE, yet proven highly valuable advice on how you can make more money on Amazon?

I’m Diane Boerstler, the Hypnotic Amazon Copywriter and the author of the Ultimate Amazon Copywriting Blueprint. My background in conversational hypnosis, mind hacking psychologies and a well known direct response sales copywriter have led me to write 100’s of Amazon product listings for HIGH COST PRODUCTS ranked in the top three in highly competitive markets like bird watching gear, nutraceutical, supplement, diet, health, body shaping lingerie, food products, technology products, business to business products and more. I don’t write high converting copy for people who try to sell for the CHEAPEST price, I write high converting copy for real, Bonified Amazon Sellers who understand you have to sell on VALUE.

Because it’s not the lowest price seller who wins, it’s the seller who gets seen the most AND sells the best.

This probably isn’t new news to you.

In fact, if you’ve already tried to sell your product on Amazon you understand that it’s like trying to be the one star that stands out in space.

There are millions of stars, yet only a few Nasa bothers to travel to repeatedly.

So how do you stand out to get those first few customers?

Sure, ranking in the top 5, above the fold, for the terms customers use to find you is important.

Now instead of being one star among millions, you’re one storefront among five…

I don’t know about you, but I like those odds better.

Still, one among five (or ten if they keep scrolling) still isn’t enough to get you the most sales.

So clearly SEO ranking still isn’t enough to win your fair share of sales.

Yes, infusing your listing with SEO long-tail keywords specific to those your prospective customers search for on Amazon, with bonus keywords tucked in to rank higher on Google Searches is important…

But how to YOU stand out…How do YOU become the link that gets clicked. The product that gets purchased? Without investing 1000’s on advertising just to sell a few products…

Well, you start by thinking smart.

What are the steps your customer uses to find a product like the one you sell?

That’s easy, right?

They’re the same steps you use to buy a product.

And they follow one of three patterns.

Pattern 1: Your prospective customer already knows they like to buy on Amazon. They go to Amazon. They search for what they’re looking for.

They see 5 products above the fold.

They click on the one that instantly grabs their interest.

If you hold their interest for long enough, and use the right hypnotic words and the right psychological persuasion tactics, you can get them to add your product to their cart and buy, often before they realize they forgot to look for the other items they needed from Amazon.

This, my friend, is an awesome position to be in!

Pattern 2: Your prospective customer knows they need to buy a certain thing. They go to the big G. They search. Up pops an Amazon Listing.

Hopefully it’s yours. If they like what they READ…the words their eyes SEE…then they will click on your link. If they like what they read and see on your listing.

So what is it? The elusive secret that creates top Amazon Sellers while others shrivel up and die in the desolate dessert of page 2, 3, 4, and beyond…

Pattern 3: Now this is perfect for people who aren’t ranked in the top 5, but who have a bit of extra funds to invest on advertising.

People who want to get the sales before they’ve fully ranked. And experienced Amazon Sellers know this trick. You advertise on your competitors page.

So when your prospective customer sees your ad, they click, they’re taken to your link, and if you’ve used the right psychological persuasion patterns like NLP and conversational hypnosis and nested loos and embedded commands and you understand how to say what they want to hear, and show them what they want to see, then they buy from you.

Here’s the problem: Smart amazon sellers realize that it doesn’t matter how many people see you ranked in the top three of Amazon.

It doesn’t matter how many people see your product advertised on your competitors page. That’s not what creates top Amazon Seller Empires and sells products that charge more for better quality.

So what does?

Smart Amazon Sellers realize that their Amazon Product Listing is NOT a product listing at all.


So they treat it like a sales page.

And because they treat it like a sales page…because they identify their ideal customer avatar and use that to identify their customers buying criteria, and use that to identify their hot button words—the words that put your prospect into a buying trance—and because they jump over focusing on features and jump over focusing on benefits to use TRANSFORMATIONAL LANGUAGE…language that future paces their prospects into seeing themselves already Using your product—and because they use deep psych tactics to close the sale, they win against the competition.

Of COURSE adding SEO long tail keywords which match what your audience searches for is important, and you do that as a SECONDARY.

Because when you really stop and think about it, your primary goal on Amazon isn’t to be the person that’s highest ranked. Of course not.

You can’t call your mortgage company and say, ‘Can I pay my bill with my Amazon Ranking?” Of course you can’t.

Though that would be awesome, because SEO is actually the easiest part of selling on Amazon.

But don’t tell the SEO copywriters I told you that.

Since your #1 goal on Amazon is to MAKE THE SALE so you can GET PAID because your MORTGAGE COMPANY only accepts dollars, not rankings, shouldn’t you hire a sales copywriter who understands your primary goal?

An expert who knows that SEO keyword research and optimization is easy?

Hiring an SEO (only) COPYWRITER to write your AMAZON SALES PAGE is like turning on the TV for your kids and expecting them to like whatever is playing on your channel.

And it makes me really sad that many amazon sellers don’t realize the importance of hiring someone who makes all that hard work and effort and time you spent building a business worth it.

I mean think about all the time you invested finding your niche, and finding your products, and striking deals with supply chains and battling legal issues with customs and getting Amazon to approve your category, and working hard to rank your product…

None of it is worth it without the sale…without the income.

Unless of course you’re just really lonely and had nothing better to do than all that hard work for no pay back.

So right now you’re probably thinking I’m going to pitch you. To tell you to hire me as your Amazon Copywriter. And maybe even to buy a package.

And I could. And you likely would. Yet my main goal today isn’t to get you to hire me. It’s to break through the misconceptions and lies Amazon guru’s are spewing to take your money…and waste your time.

So I’m going to offer you a gift instead. 

My Ultimate Guide to Amazon Copywriting

This easy to follow, 27 step blueprint walks you through how to write your AMAZON SALES PAGE so you stop sending your competitors sales on Amazon and start swiping theirs.

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It’s filled with examples of Amazon Sales Pages I’ve crafted that shot straight to the top of Amazon in record time…in both SALES and Search Engine Ranking…and more importantly, inside hides my #1 TRICK for writing so your product looks like that ONE STAR that stands out among millions…and that ONE STOREFRONT that makes the other five pale in comparison…

See, now you don’t have to waste time watching another video. You can go solve your own problem now by clicking on the link below and downloading your very own copy. I’m only leaving it up until I’m done creating my Ultimate Amazon Seller Training so if you want it, go now and download it before you get distracted…

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