Amazon Sellers Tricks to the Top: 3 Steps to Seduce More Buyers and Increase Amazon Sales By 300%, FAST

Amazon Sellers: Use these 3 Steps to Increase Your Amazon Sales 300% (NLP)


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3 Simple Steps to Increase Amazon Sales with a Profit Pulling Description

(AKA: How to SELL More on Amazon)

Step #1: Highlight Your Best Features (no…not the boring way…the Right way!!)   To determine what special features might increase Amazon sales, ask yourself, “What’s so special about this particular PRODUCT?” If you need to, look at other top Amazon sales products in your niche. Write down everything you can think of in plain, everyday language.   (You’ll want to infuse what you write down with NLP and conversational hypnosis later. For right now we’re just focusing on how to increase Amazon sales step 1).     Step #2: Find It. Name it. REFRAME IT (THE BIG BOOST and My #1 WEAPON as an Amazon Copywriter) Ever notice how the best selling ‘As Seen on TV’ Products, QVC, the Home Shopping Network, and other sales focused companies ALWAYS give certain features special names? And they are always based on some sort of ‘technology’, or something ‘new’. For example, if you’re trying to increase sales on Amazon for your baking rack (like the amazing description that I crafted for Epicas), you’ll want to think about its structure. Here are the steps I take to Find It. Name It. Frame It. when the goal is to sell more on Amazon.   Step 2A. Ask yourself, “What technology is better in my product? “   (Hint: even t-shirts have “technology” and it’s all about how you NAME it and FRAME it!) What did you do to make it better than the competition? Or if you’re an Amazon reseller or drop-shipper, why did you choose the product you chose? What stood out to you? (Just do it, you’ll see why in the moment…)   Step 2B. Use VAKOG (Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, Olfactory, Gustatory) from NLP to ask the right questions. So you might ask, ‘What visual differences does my product have that can increase Amazon sales?” Or “How does my product sound different? Is it quieter, clearer, louder?” In the case of Epica’s amazing baking rack, which we’ll review shortly, they had smaller holes.   Step 2C. Next you ask yourself, “How can this feature help my Amazon customer solve a problem?” So I did some research. It turns out that the smaller holes help improve circulation and cooling. If you improve circulation while baking cookies, and you improve how quickly things cool, then you improve the outcome of the cookies. That led to coining the term (Name It) as Air-Flow Circu-Set technology. (Nobody else has that, because it didn’t EXIST anywhere in the world except my brain!)   Then I Frame It, like you’ll see in the example below. (You’ll quickly be able to feel how the description comes alive. It’s now not just a baking rack, like the 1,000’s of others for sale on Amazon. It’s THE baking rack!)   Example of How to Name It THEN Frame It to Increase Amazon Sales “That’s why (product name) cooling racks perfectly sized air pockets allows yourbaked goods optimal circulation for SETTING while supporting even your most fragile delicacies plus: Eliminate overly crispy, burnt edges and bottoms, plus condensation with patented and perfected Air-flow Circu-Set Technology   Step 3: Set It Apart with ONE BIG IDEA  This is the place in the race where the Amazon sales professionals leave the newbies in the dust. In fact, few copywriters even know about the tenant of One Big Idea. To use the One Big Idea technique to instantly boosts your Amazon sales, you must follow the steps below. Step 3A. Review all of the benefits you’ve identified for your product, especially the terms you’ve named and framed. Ask yourself, “How is this unique? How can I turn this into a curiosity, a fascination or something that’s counterintuitive?” In the case of Epica’s baking rack, we really had to make it stand out because the competition to sell baking racks on Amazon is fierce.   Step 3B. Make it stand out.After reviewing all the benefits and Name It, Frame It’s I had identified for Epica’s Baking Rack, I found my hook. What set it apart?   It’s baking rack doesn’t just cool. It SETS PASTRIES, PERFECTLY (something that’s really tough to accomplish!).  See how I worked this into the Amazon product description, and in turn set it apart and increased Amazon sales below.   “Most cooling racks are designed to do one thing: cool. Yet every culinary master knows that the Secret to perfect treats isn’t about how your baked goods “cool”, it’s about how they SET. Most cheaper brands not only rust and break, they fail to SET your baked goods correctly, resulting in wasteful, brittle, dry, burnt (or worse) soggy delicacies. That’s why (product name) cooling racks perfectly sized air pockets allows your baked goods optimal circulation for SETTING while supporting even your most fragile delicacies plus: Eliminate overly crispy, burnt edges and bottoms, plus condensation with patented and perfected Air-flow Circu-Set Technology   Brilliant, right?  Now it’s your turn. You have 3 choices. You can choose to be okay with your lack of sales. You can invest your time, energy and effort following the directions above and learn how to sell more on Amazon on your own. Or you can do what most top Amazon sellers do. Power-up, and increase your Amazon sales by paying a top 1% internationally ranked copywriter like me to do it for you.

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