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Let’s Be Honest, Shall We? You Can’t Drive Sales Online Until Your Sales Copy Converts… And You Certainly Can’t Get Qualified, Profitable Leads Without Traffic The Solution? Invest in Top .001% Internationally Proven SEO Infused, NLP Enhanced Hypnotic Sales Copy [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TfC23eLiurE] Why? Because if you’d like to see sales flow in faster and faster […]

Discover the #1 Commonly Overlooked Secret to Scaling to the Top of the Search Engine Rankings… And 4 Writing Strategies that Get You Google Love


What’s the secret to crafting converting content that forces your website to the top of the search engine rankings? AND DRIVES MUCH NEEDED BUYER TRAFFIC TO YOUR WEBSITE… Most business owners don’t know.  I can tell you one thing–it has less and less to do with “long tail keywords” or “get lots of comments” with […]

#1 Most Commonly Overlooked Reason You’re NOT Selling More on Amazon and How to Fix It Fast


Who Else Wants to Uncover the #1, Most Commonly Overlooked Reason Why You’re NOT Selling Enough on Amazon…Breakthrough Your Blindspots… Stop Sending Your Competitors Sales on Amazon and START SWIPING THEIRS? Hint: It has NOTHING to do with your SEO, your PRODUCT, your ADVERTISING or AMAZONS latest rule about exchanging free products for testimonials… Before […]

Amazon Sellers Tricks to the Top: 3 Steps to Seduce More Buyers and Increase Amazon Sales By 300%, FAST


Amazon Sellers: Use these 3 Steps to Increase Your Amazon Sales 300% (NLP)   After writing more than 400+ high-converting Amazon Copywriting Listings That Sell Like Hotcakes (I am the Hypnotic Amazon Copywriter After All!) I Can Tell You For a Fact… Most people who teach Amazon Sellers How to Sell More… Focus on the WRONG […]

Advanced NLP Hypnotic Advertising Language Pattern Techniques: Set Your Prospects Emotions on Fire with Questions


How frustrated are you about your customers lack of interest in your products? How curious are you to discover how to get your customers emotionally excited about what you provide? And How much excitement would you feel rising in your body if you were to suddenly see more sales, by infusing an easy to use […]

ADVANCED NLP Advertising Language Pattern Techniques Made Easy: Assumptive Openings with an Embedded Command Spin

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“Obviously NLP Hypnotic Sales Copy Works. Fact is Top Ad Agencies Use it to Drive Higher Sales All the Time… And Naturally, You Want to See More Sales this Month, and Beat Your Biggest Competitor, Or You Wouldn’t Be Reading This…” What are both of these powerful sentences examples of? The type of Assumptive Openings you […]