NLP Copywriting Services

I Empower Small Business Owners and Skyrocketing Entrepreneurs to captivate, convince and convert…With Bold, Fearlessly Seductive Direct Response Copywriting…Infused with NLP and Conversational Hypnosis to Get You There Faster…100% Guaranteed.

The best part? Unlike most top direct response copywriters, I keep my fees affordable for small business owners, delivering you more value…

So you can afford to hire the best, even if you’re just starting out, or on a growing business marketing budget!

(Why? Because my roots are in small business; my mom, dad, grandparents, aunts, uncles and even my husband own small businesses so I know where you’re coming from…)

If you want guaranteed conversions, and copy that enthralls, engages and ensnares the mind, so they buy faster and faster, you’ll want to hire me for:

* Action Inspiring Website Copy (that speaks directly to the

hearts and minds of your prospect at their Customer Awareness Level

* Landing Page Sales Copywriting

* Expert Positioning, Rapport Building Email Sales Campaigns

* Click-Bait Facebook Ads

* Lead Generating Squeeze pages

* High-Ticket Webinar & Video Sales Letter Scripts

* NLP Infused Sales Letter Copywriting

* Enticing Direct Mail Packages

* SEO Infused Amazon Sales Description Copy/Catalog Copy

* “Sells for You” Ebooks, White Papers and Special Reports

* Sales Generating Press Releases

* “What to put where to sell more…” Sales Funnel Coaching…and more!