The Conversions Guarantee



Q: “Are you crazy? No one else offers a guarantee this long!”

No, I’m not crazy (although my fellow copywriters think I am because they expect YOU to pay for revision after revision when they fail to wow your bank account the first time).

Q: “What’s included?”

All the sales copy you’ve paid me to craft

Q. Why guarantee my copy for a full year?

So you know you’re getting exactly what you desire…in voice, tone, concept, conversations AND sales! =) And because ‘I’ was raised by small business owners and believe THIS IS THE RIGHT WAY TO DO BUSINESS…

Q. How do I know you’ll get it right the first time? You can rest assured you’ll get my best work on the first proof because over the 7 years I’ve been crafting hypnotic copy, I’ve noticed most clients only request 1 round of revisions, if any…and then return for more high-converting copy!

Any catches? Yep. You MUST fill out the SALES COPY BRIEF with all the details you can, just like you would with every other top sales copywriter so I can so I can deliver your audience the most persuasive copy possible from day one. (Invest an hour of your time in this, you’ll be delightfully surprised at what you discover!)

​Sounds Awesome, Right? Let’s Get Started!